Hi there! My name is Emma and I am the hands behind Oh My Pen and Press.

In September 2016, my wonderful boyfriend Matt became my wonderful fiancé Matt, as he lowered to his knee on Miami Beach and asked me to spend my life with him. There were tears, and ‘yes’s’ and when we arrived back on the Isle of Man and came back down to earth, planning was underway.

Given my love of design, the first thing I thought about was the invitations for our wedding,  I had narrowed it down to two techniques. Letterpress, and, erm, letterpress! Nothing else would possibly do! I knew I wanted to design the suite myself and I knew I wanted the design to be beautifully pressed into the paper. It also quickly became apparent that I wasn’t going to find what I was looking for on the Island. And with that realisation, “Oh My Pen and Press” was born. 

I’ve always been creative, and in 2005 took the Diploma Art & Design course at the college instead of staying on at school for A-Levels. The course was an amazing two years of my life and gave me tons of insight into so many different areas.  I ended up being confused in my direction and so jumped into a nine-to-five office job for the eight years that followed.

I’ve made so many friends in that nine-to-five that I absolutely don’t regret my confusion and actions. It has also provided me with the administrative skills I need to work for myself, after all, it can’t just be fun and games with designing! In addition one of my colleagues has turned out to be my first client.

I’m also a huge fan of calligraphy. I’m teaching myself and practicing all the time – using a dip pen and ink is so much more exciting than my regular pens! I’ve always loved organic shapes, created freehand and while my own actual handwriting isn’t the best, put a pointed pen in my hand and it’s a game changer. 

Being a creative person I’m a stickler for details. Every. Detail. Matters. That’s my mentality and being a Virgo helps in my pursuit of perfection! I just can’t settle for anything that isn’t up to my own standards, as no bride should!

If I’m not cozied up on the couch with Matt glued to a new episode of whatever American TV show we’re currently addicted to, I’m planning my next holiday. Or our wedding. Or honeymoon. So many things to plan, so little time! But thankfully,  I love to plan.

Get in touch if you have any questions, or to say hi!